May 10, 2012

E F G is easy for me!

okay, so I have been my slacking self.  again, I will remind you that I've been sick!  so there :-p

anyways, here comes E, F and G which works out perfectly together if you're asking me.  since this happens to be my blog, I guess if you're reading this, you kinda are.

E is for Earning and Easy
F is for FREE
G is for Giftcards

yep, they make a nice little sentence and describe what it is I do while online most of the time.  I am easily earning free giftcards.  not all of what I get is in giftcard form though.  I do also get cash sent to paypal and there are a couple of sites I use that send the money to a card so in a sense it's a giftCARD right?

anyways, I use many sites as I have mentioned before (and as can be seen by browsing my sidebar).  right now my go-to sites are Swagbucks (my first love) where I earn about $50 - $75 a month at present, Calyp where this past month I made about $35 (I'd recommend this to anyone with a few minutes a day on their hands and a decent network -fb, twitter, linkedin), SuperPoints where I make maybe $10 a month, sure not the greatest but it's steady and with a few referrals could be pretty epic, Jingit is an easy $10 or more a week for watching commercials and lastly Share Magnet where I am making a few dollars every few days just by posting ads to my twitter and occasionally my FB account (this one works better with a larger following as it pays per click).  the only sites I have right now with active referrals is SuperPoints but I only have two and they're only quasiactive and I am still able to make over $100 a month between all my sites.

so, what is that I do with all these sites to get all this?  well, I do searches (swagbucks, irazoo, bing and gift hulk).  I watch videos (jingit, swagbucks, irazoo, gift hulk and superpoints).  I play games (swagbucks, irazoo).  I find codes (swagbucks, irazoo and gift hulk).  I post ads to my twitter account (calyp and share magnet).  I click a button (superpoints).  I check my email (superpoints).  I use coupons (swagbucks).  these things are all things I would do anyways, well, except the codes.  I'm even teaching my hubby how to use some of them since calyp, jingit, swagbucks and irazoo all allow you to have more than one account per household.  irazoo said you each need your own computer but the others haven't said it matters though hubby and I do have separate computers so we keep our stuff separate.  I never let him log into anything on my computer and I don't log into anything on his.  the only thing we share is my kindle fire.  I sometimes use it to log into swagbucks and I also let him use it to run the sbtv mobile app.

honestly, who couldn't use a little extra money each month?  you're online anyways, why not use a portion of that time to pay you?  how much is your internet bill?  yeah, you can most likely make that each month just by using a couple of these sites.  so, are you ready to join me in EASILY EARNING FREE GIFTCARDS yet?  why not?  what are waiting on?  it really doesn't cost you a thing to give it a try.  you only stand to gain from it!  so hop on over to the sites (links above are my referral links which I would greatly appreciate your using) and sign up and start making some money!  you know you want to <3

the pic right there shows when Swagbucks hit 1 million FB likes.  how is that for proof of it being legit and worth your time?  so stop thinking and get to it!

if you have any questions, no matter how small, feel free to ask.  I LOVE helping people with the sites and easily earning free giftcards.  even if you're not my referral, I will still give you all the help I possibly can, so ask me, I gotcha covered.


  1. Hey there, it's Caitlin from Southern SAHM.

    I'm already using SwagBucks and SuperPoints but I do not like either of them. I've been a member of them for over 2 months and haven't gotten enough to redeem anything, and I can't get anyone to join my network which is a major part of SuperPoints. :(

    1. I agree with the Superpoints thing. it took me about a year to get enough people to join where I can cash out at $10 instead of the insanely high $25.
      I was thinking the sites like Jingit, Calyp and Share Magnet might be good for you. Jingit is fairly easy since you're just watching commercials and possibly answering a few questions after it. if you have a smart phone there's also check-ins you can do which are done at walmart right now. Calyp pays you based on your reach for posting ads. I get 80cents per ad at four ads a day (that's the possibility of over $90 a month!). I made a twitter account just for it and have over 2500 followers there. this is also where I use Share Magnet. it took me maybe a month to get that many followers starting from scratch. Share Magnet pays directly to paypal (it's paying for TP today). the others do take some learning to make the most of them.