May 2, 2012

we start with A!

so, I thought to try to make the alphabetical posting be personal.  give you a look into me and my life.  so for A I am gonna talk about animals.  so original right?  well, I live on a non-working mini farm right now.  we used to have sheep.  katahdin sheep to be exact.  they were amazing.  we had one ram and six ewes.  all six of the ewes lambed the year we had them.  one had twins and the rest all had singletons.  it was so cool!  we had to help one of them deliver and that lamb ended up dying which was pretty sad but it's common.  we had to sell off the flock after a really bad year.  we knew we couldn't sustain the flock over the winter so we sold them at the beginning of fall in 2010.
growing up I always had pets of one kind or another.  dogs and cats were really common.  but I also had some others.  like a peach faced lovebird.  yes, just one.  I also had ferrets, hedgehogs, hamsters and guinea pigs.  oh and of course fish, but only bettas.
right now my pet family consists of a great dane and a cat, both boys and both live outside.  we also have four chicken hens and one turkey hen.  we'd like to get some more chickens but for now we're content with the ones we have (not that we get any eggs from them since they fly over the fence and lay eggs over in the woods next door).  at one point we have well over 100 various birds (chicken, duck, turkey and guinea).  but that too had to go in late 2010.  the ones we have now survived.
I hope one day to get back into farming, at least with poultry.  I'm not sure I'm ready to take on mammals again.  perhaps a cow or two for the vacant pasture out back but even then I don't know.  we've talked about taking on a second cat but we haven't decided for sure.  though I am pretty certain once the kittens are big enough that my sister-in-law has, one will come home.
so there's my first post.  I made it!  now to plan out one for tomorrow cause I totally winged this one!

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