May 14, 2012

a-Ha moment...

okay, so this may be a bit of a stretch for H but I don't care right now.  it's working for me and this won't get read much anyways.

I have come to the realization that I probably will never make it as a blogger.  I mean one of the ones that get to do reviews and actually get people to read what they're posting.  know why?  cause I lack the ability to be overly dramatic.  I can't make myself go *smoking hot coupon* or *super HOT deal* for things that are actually pretty ordinary.  there's one blogger I follow on FB that will post that they have a really hot freebie on their blog but it's so hot they can't say it on FB.  yeah, I've gotten that freebie as a Special Offer on Swagbucks and got PAID to get it and fyi, it's not a real great freebie but whatever floats their boat I guess.  saw another blogger post that they had *JUST* signed up for something (that's how they put it) and they'd already made money.  well upon scrolling the wall of said blogger, apparently they had also *JUST signed up the day before and probably the day before that too.  what's worse is that so many bloggers will promote companies that I know if they had actually TRIED to use the company (talking GPT sites here) they would know it's not actually worth it, especially to people who are not big bloggers.  it's misleading at best and at worst I won't even go there.  I use several sites that I know are decent for me but I don't think would be worth it to most people so I don't bother mentioning them or only give them a passing mention here and there with the warning that they're not the easiest or only good under certain circumstances.

so, I'm feeling kind of down right now.  I just don't see me being able to be that type of person.  not that they're bad people but it's just not me.

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