December 31, 2011

the post in which I attempt to make myself not sound LAME!

well, hi there!  I have decided that I need to blog.  I have so much rambling around in my head that I need to put it all somewhere.  so here's a run-down of some things you may encounter on my blogging journey...

- sites I use to make money
- random deals, freebies and give-aways I run across during my internet trollings
- odd little snippets of my family life
- possibly my own give-aways here and there

so, here's the basics on me.  I'm a sahm of four.  we live on a non-working mini farm where the only animals we currently have are one turkey, three chickens and a Great Dane.  I tend to be completely random and rather full of energy, giggles and dancing.  I also home school my children.  the oldest is in 3rd grade right now.  the youngest is in "walking university" and making top scores!  so there's my attempt at not being lame...  lame, I know!  gimme a break!