June 28, 2012

a way to help

  an awesome friend set this up for me and my family.  the storm may not have taken our house but  it took our way to make a living for now.  every day the water doesn't go down is another day we're falling into the hole financially.  any help, prayers and shares of the campaign are much appreciated!

June 27, 2012

under water

we had a tropical storm visit us.  her name was Debby.  she left the place an utter disaster area.  I haven't heard if it's been declared a state of disaster yet but it will be.  I am sitting in my house and I cannot leave.  I can drive about a mile before I have to turn back because all the roads are either under water or no longer there.  we had a couple eaten by sinkholes and a couple wash out.  at least we have our power!

here are some pictures of the area.  no, they're not ones I took but others did and posted them on facebook and the like.  this first picture was taken by my brother-in-law up the road from where we all live. 

this was a bridge.

and this...  this is the road we take to the dump.  that bit of white you see sticking out of it is a full size truck.  that had to be one scary ride down!  the person is in all honesty most likely not from this area.  cause most of us knew that there was a sinkhole in that field not too far from the road so we were avoiding it because of the rain.  we're guessing this person was trying to find a way out.  a way anywhere.  sorry, there's no way out.  we're stranded.  we're stuck.  there's no telling when we'll be saved either.  it's so bad that the lady a few houses down called 911 because she needs to go to the hossy (she really does, she's soooo sick and frail) but was told "sorry, we can't make it out to you."  this statement irks me.  I live three houses down from her.  they could bring a chopper our here and land in my pasture.  there's a dairy farm that backs up her property but noooooo, they can't make it out here.  sure.

BUT on the bright side.  we have power!  we have food.  we have stored water!  we will survive!

one last pic...  my yard yesterday as taken from my back door.  yes, that's my seriously overgrown bantam house in the pic...  ignore that and focus on all that water!  yes, that's water...

June 25, 2012

Literary Addicts Kindle Fire Giveaway!

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June 23, 2012

kindle fire giveaway coming!

oh yeah!  get ready for this one!  on monday I'm gonna be part of a cool giveaway for a kindle fire!  

I honestly love love love my kindle fire.  it's awesome and perfect for someone like me...  flighty.  I can play games, watch movies, surf the net and read tons of books all on the same device!  now even my hubby wants one.  so do my children for that matter.  I share....  sometimes.

so get ready to get your entries in! 

June 22, 2012


I got my computer back!  I got my computer back!  we were able to get a new power supply thanks to Calyp.  it was relatively cheap but when you live paycheck to paycheck, even $30 is a lot of money!  so anyways, I got it now.  it was actually my hubby who got it for me.  see, he signed up for Calyp too!  this was his first month getting paid and he wanted to do something for me since I am always the one doing for others.  I thought it was awfully sweet of him.

so anyway!  expect more postings from me in the coming week!  I am playing catch up right now.  nearly a month without a proper computer, my computer, was hard and I am so far behind on things now!

June 20, 2012

eclectic I am

so here's a total shocker...  I am eclectic!  I was trying to see if I could pin myself down to a type or genre in regards to what I read.  yeah, it's not possible.  I mean you can take a peek at my amazon reviews and see how off the wall different many of the titles are.  there's everything from horror to romance and Christian fiction to Jewish books.  there's no putting me into a box.  I just do not fit!  but I'm okay with that...  I was just trying cause I thought it'd make this easier on other people and myself but oh well...  I am what I am and that's all that I am :-)

June 17, 2012

Unyoked review

Christian Suspense

This was an enjoyable read. It weaves a striking tapestry of suspense, romance and college life with heavy threads of faith throughout. While it has many elements to it, I would say this is an all-out suspense that keeps you guessing til the final, shocking end. Nearly all of my initial thoughts as to who and what were wrong which was a delightful surprise as I am generally pretty good at figuring out the who or what rather early on in a story.

There's Megan, recently broken up with her long-time beau Keith. There's Tony, the guy who has fallen in love with her right as she was breaking up with Keith. There's Megan's roomie and Tony's brother in their own little relationship as well, adding to the elements of the story. Throw in a random ex, a dad in jail and a dying aunt and it gets downright sticky! You just gotta read this to see how it all works out for them! You won't want to put it down! I can't wait for the sequel that I hope is coming soon :-)

I did give this book four stars. In all honesty as it stands, it deserves perhaps 3 to 3.5. The story is awesome, it's the formatting of the book that is troublesome. there are odd page breaks and missing words. The number for chapter one is included in the dedication. Also there are several spots where there is clearly a word missing. Lastly the title page still bears the previous title of the book instead of the new one which I admit confused me at first. If you're able to overlook all of that then I highly recommend this book! Once this book gets a good revision done to it and a sequel I could see me revising this review to five stars. 

disclaimer - I did get a free copy of this book to review but all thoughts are my own brand of caffeinated randomness :-)
you can get a copy right here for your very own!

June 5, 2012

Giggle time!

Hubby and I are both gamers.  He is more than I am but I still get into my games when I can.  I saw this and thought it was really cute :-)

June 3, 2012

reviewing books

since I have been without a regular PC, I have taken to reading an awful lot of my kindle books.  I read four yesterday.  yes, I just said four.  so since I am on a regular PC today I am trying to put out a few reviews for the books I have read.  I even joined a group on Facebook for people looking for reviews for their books.  of course most of them are indie authors and that is perfectly okay with me!  I have loads of books from indie authors lol.  so I just cranked out two reviews for books I read yesterday.  I have one more to do today.  the other I am waiting to hear back from the author before I review it.  I know I could review it without talking to them but since I will only be the second review I want to mention a few things to them before I review it and let them decide if they really want my review.  I just wanted to let people know I am here.  I am trying.  I will be back more often now.  I plan on hosting a giveaway soon to try to up my followers and things like that.  I messed up and was supposed to be part of a hop that started on the 1st but because of PC issues, losing my AC and dealing with my new sickness, I kinda dropped that ball.  I feel horrible even though I really only let myself down and caused the person in charge to have to delete my name from the list.  not a huge problem but still.  so there I am.  reading books, writing reviews and waiting on doctor's appointments.  yes, I do have an amazingly interesting life these days....
oh one more thing.  once I get better at writing reviews, expect more to show up on here too.  I could totally get into writing reviews!