October 30, 2012

where have I been....

yeah, so I let this blog fall to the wayside in a big way.  funny thing is that I thought about it just about daily but with all the stress of my normal day to day life plus the added stress of growing another human being it has been rather hard to want to do this.  I've been rather focused on my GPT sites as well because well, we need money.  so that's where I've been.  just busy earning money on various GPT sites so that we can afford a decent if modest holiday for the minions as well as pay some bills and get the needed gear for a new baby.  oh speaking of baby, I'm 20 weeks now and will find out the gender in a few days so long as the bean cooperates when I have the sonogram.

so since I've been so into my sites lately, allow me to share about the one that I've been most focused on.  it's called instaGC and it's just like it says, instant gift cards!  you complete offers , watch videos and the like and when you're ready to cash out, you get the code for your gift card instantly!  how cool is that?   they have so many choices too!  from amazon to walmart and starbucks as well as several game related options.  I have only cashed out for amazon or walmart because those fill needs I have but the choice of what of you get is all yours!  check it out, complete offers and get the card of your choice!  they have weekly and monthly offer and referral contests.  I actually got second in the offer contest a couple weeks ago.  it was so exciting! 

the picture up above shows cashouts for the month.  and the one to the side here is from me winning second place in the offer contest.  yes, I won 1,000 points which is equal to $10.00!  yes, I got an extra $10 just because I was blessed enough to have completed that many offers in one week.  so what are you waiting on?  come join me and see how quickly you can get to earning your free gift cards.