May 6, 2012

I C what you did there...

I feel bad.  I'm losing steam already but in all fairness to myself, I am sick!  I wake up with hot flashes then cold flashes.  my entire body just aches.  it's rough.  I didn't turn my computer on for well over an entire day!  that in itself is rare.  I do a normal weekly 26ish hour outage but to go beyond that is not in my range of normalcy.  

so, the letter is C....  I have had many fleeting thoughts about what I could do for C.  like cartoons, the main staple on the telly in this house.  children, I do have four of them ya know.  classics, as in movies, books and the like.  yeah, I am not one too interested in most classics.  cult classics I am generally okay with though ^.~  so that's what I'll focus on cause it really does say a lot about me.
my husband laughs at me with my random movie knowledge and some of the movies I've seen and claim to like.  like the rocky horror picture show.   it's awesome.  yes, it's bad too but it has so much WIN to it!  then there's the evil dead movies (evil dead, evil dead 2 and army of darkness).  he groans every single time I mention them.  but they're good in a massively cheesy way.  don't make me get my boomstick out!  I seriously look at these movies as comedies rather than horror or whatever genre most video stores put them in.  how anyone could possibly take them seriously as a horror movie is beyond me.  then again, I guess I should mention that when I watched scream in the movie theater I laughed, a LOT!  scary movies just are not scary anymore.  they're too overdone or are only there for the gore factor.
I know this really doesn't have to do with cult classic movies but I am also known to quote movies, songs, commercials and television shows at random and make them fit in perfectly.  yes, even some really cheesy lines work for me when I do it right.  I am also a master of sarcasm.  words are like a playground to me.  I love to make plays on words, puns, be sarcastic (not in the meaner sense) and I also have an odd tendency to break down larger words in my mind to see how many other words I can create from it.  yeah, normal is not a word I think anyone would try to associate with me unless they put and ab on the front of it.  but that's okay with me.
so, I haven't watched any of the movies I mentioned here in years, I mean YEARS!  but I can still quote from them and I do go on youtube quite often so I can do the time warp again!
yes, I do actually dance to it.  I love dancing!  I may not be real good at it but I do it anyways.  I dance like nobody is watching!  so get up and groove with me....

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