March 26, 2012

clicking for pennies

are you a member of superpoints network yet?  if not, you are missing out on free money for the simple act of clicking a button each day.  this is what I did last night...

yep, I cashed out for another $10 in paypal cash!  you're wondering what you have to do to be able to do that, right?  well, it's simple really.  you just click the button and hope you get points from it.  you can earn from no points all the way up to the hundreds (those are rare though).

here's the button...

and here's why I refer to it as the psychedelic button cause this is what it looks like when you spin it...

another cool thing that you can get from superpoints is points in your email!  how cool is that?  yeah baby!  free points just for checking your email...

so, are you ready to join and click that button?  what are you waiting for?  stop missing out and start earning pennies just from clicking a button.  could it get any easier?

March 20, 2012

any port in a storm

I like that motto.  I say it a lot.  I don't always mean it as serious as it is meant to be.  but I like the thought on a whole.  be accepting of that which you are offered, given or have.  apparently I am instilling that in my children....

this is my little man.  he's a thumb sucker as you can see.  he also likes to have a tag while he sucks said thumb.  usually he has a pair of his old jammie pants that he uses for the tag.  apparently he couldn't find it and wanted his tag and thumb right that minute.  so, any port in a storm!  he pulled his shirt up so he could get to the side seam tag on it.  tell me you didn't just go " awwww "

March 7, 2012

where's the volume control?

the sounds of right now...  how do I turn it down!?!

  • small plastic blocks spill across the building table.  some spatter across the foam tiled carpet under the table.
  • the playpen creaking as toddle settles down for his nap.
  • glow worm (need I say more?)
  • children barking (don't ask)
  • a chicken clucking and scratching outside (maybe that's the turkey)
  • the fan in my computer
  • the fan on the fridge
  • the fan on the ceiling (wow, that's a lot of air movement in this house!)
  •  my stomach growling (eating should be in order)
  • toddler humming to himself
  • general chatter from three talkers
  • socked feet sliding over foam tiles
  • MORE barking (they bark more than the dog o.O)
there is never silence.  never real quiet.  never true "ahhhhh, peace" moments.  but we're happy and we're never bored....

now, where's the remote so I can turn it down a notch?  I wanna hear some tunes!