July 31, 2012

GPT funny

so GiftHulk posted this picture earlier today on facebook.  I thought it was pretty awesome and wanted to share it!

This sums up being a GPT aka Reward Site user pretty well.  if you're not using a GPT, why on earth not?  it's money just from doing things you do anyway.  why not try out GiftHulk?  it's pretty easy and has a cool treasure box.  I like the treasure box.  the treasure box was actually enough to convince my hubby to join too.  yes, he's easily amused.

July 29, 2012

Happy National Lasagna Day!

oh yeah!  now this is a day I can get behind!  I love love love lasagna.  well, pretty much anything Italian really. 

this is a pic of my three oldest helping hubby make lasagna on Thanksgiving a couple years ago.

my favorite lasagna recipe is made in the crock pot though.  it's not a recipe so much as I just kinda throw it all in there and viola!  in just a few hours I have lasagna!  so easy.  you can google a recipe of course or I'm sure there are tons on pinterest if that's your cup of tea.  the way I make it though, there's no precooking of the noodles.  be still my heart!  easy easy!  so, get to it!  make yourself some lasagna!!!!

coke reward bonus codes!

if you use my coke rewards then you need these codes!  they're worth 10 points each and can be used daily!  the codes reset each night.  FREE stuff is cool! I've gotten a bunch of free 12 packs of coke from there as well as a few magazine subscriptions.  it's worth it!



July 15, 2012

Plate filling fast

so there are just a few days left for the thing where we're seeking donations for my family.  we're raised $95 which is not bad all considering.  but as the time has ticked by the punches have continued to roll in... 
---last week I found out I am pregnant with my fifth child.  a little reminder of Tropical Storm Debby as it were. 
---this morning I woke to my husband in a terrible amount of pain.  he's had an umbilical hernia for a long time.  he had it repaired about three years ago but it quickly came back in a different location and has continued to grow to the point we found ourselves this morning.  his intestines had pushed though and were strangulated.  in case you're not familiar with something like this, it can cause death.  last I heard he was being prepped for surgery.  I cannot be there because of the children and lack of anyone to watch them while I go.
---due to him having to have surgery we're going to lose even more work aka finances.  the type of work he does has no "light duty" so it will be a while before he'll be able to fully return to work as an ASE certified tech (aka mechanic but the kind with papers saying he KNOWS what he's doing).

honestly I hate begging.  I really do but I've never been in a place like this.  I've never sat on the edge of losing everything.  that my friends is exactly where I sit right now and trust me when I say it is a terrifying place to be.

if you feel like helping I would be so grateful.  even if you just click the link and share it on your social network sites.  anything is a help!  anything.  and thank you....

July 11, 2012


I don't know why but I am suddenly on a ninja kick.  so I went carousing on google and found some pretty cute ninja kitty pictures!  I've been posting them to friends walls over on facebook.  I'm cool like that!

July 9, 2012


I've been cleaning and look what I found!

someone should be ashamed!

July 4, 2012

Raindrop's World (a review)

Raindrop's World by Carl Pettit

Come on in!  This is Raindrop's World!  A world of leafcutter ants, dung beetles and a very old and wise tree frog.  You get to meet Raindrop and Pollen, both leafcutter ants in the rainforest.  There's also Little Clay the dung beetle who lives among the ants.  These three are going to climb the tallest tree in the rainforest to find the Guru who just happens to be a very old tree frog.  Of course as sometimes happens, they get sidelined by a few things so the plan has to change.  Little Clay presses on and does find the Guru and has an interesting talk with him that leads him away from the leafcutter ants on another adventure!  

The book is split into three short stories that all blend together into one full story.  In each installment you meet new inhabitants of the rainforest.  It has heart, adventure, drama and lots of fun too!

My six year old son thought it was really great and the other children liked it as well.  We had lots of fun researching the amazon and rainforest creatures after reading it.  They are anxious to see more from these characters.  Personally I liked it too, especially Little Clay. 

There's also a website for the book which is cute and a work in progress but worth a look!