January 25, 2012

Rafflecopter Launch Party Giveaway: Win an iPad & a Kindle Fire!!

Soooo  this is like my first attempt at using one of these.  I am not the one giving this away.  if you do enter, please list me as the referring blog "That's the Caffeine Talking" cause if you win and I referred you, I win too.
I am actually hoping to do more giveaways with the rafflecopter in the future.  figure this was a good way to start since it's all set up for you!  cool beans man!  let's get started....
if you're interested in doing these on your blog, rafflecopter is free to use and very cool indeed!

January 22, 2012

I feel like a winner!

I won 3rd place in a referral contest on instagc which got me 250 points or in gift card amounts that is $2.50!  I got 10 referrals last week.  not too shabby that  I was able to hold onto 3rd considering the top two are obviously bloggers, one of them is a pretty big blogger too.  I am thrilled with it.  I'd like to see if I can swing getting 3rd for the month but I'd need at least 10 more referrals this month.  want to be one of them?  I'd appreciate it!  just click here and sign up!

I also won a comment contest on Facebook for irazoo which got me 250 points!  are you seeing a theme here?  yeah, me too but it's all good!

it may seem like such a small thing but really, being able to win those is absolutely awesome to me.  now back to my regularly scheduled earning and clickings - yeehaw!

January 17, 2012

dust rhino

I found a new creature in the house today!  it's a dust rhino.  there seems to be a family of them really.  they hide in the corners and under the large, heavy pieces of furniture.  there's probably a colony of them under my bed since I have hard wood floors in my room.  I had heard of the infamous "dust bunny" but really, the creatures in my home are too large for bunny status so rhino it is!

so today I am going on a hunting trip!  I am hunting the dust rhino into extinction or at the very least it will be an endangered species when I am done.  if you don't hear from me, send out a rescue party!

January 13, 2012

some days are better than others in the world of GPT sites

as with everything in life, there are good days and there are bad days.  today is a good day so far in the world of GPT sites for me!  on one site I had a referral win 100 points!  can we say yay?  then on another site I got a new referral and they were racking up points.  I only got a few pennies but that is okay, I am really just glad to see someone else earning!  I also had several offers easily credit me this morning so I was able to cash out $3 in amazon gift cards.  I LOVE the instant cash outs with that site.  instant gratification is fun.

but the best part of today is that on Swag Bucks it's a code extravaganza day!  first one of the year!  I am so stoked!  one code has already come and gone...  now we're chomping the bit waiting on another one.  yes, we get excited over the pennies!  those pennies really add up!

so, if you're reading this... has your day of GPT been a good one?

January 12, 2012

cat with no name

we got a kitten the other day.  he's a cute little thing.  there's just one wee little problem.  we haven't named him.  so far we're calling him "kitty" but that name doesn't work so well for a boy as an actual name in my opinion.  hubby and I are not the best at coming up with names.  he uses the same name for every character he makes for games because he just doesn't want to come up with something new.  I'm no better...  did I ever mention that our youngest child was named as I was being prepped for surgery?  yeah, we're that bad!  so here we are faced with wee little ball of fluff without a name.  the obvious name for him would be Oreo but I am not calling my cat a food name.  no way!  so that leaves us with only the suggestion of our oldest child which is spots or the suggestion of our second oldest which is robot.  hmmmm...  I think not!
so, I have a couple readers here...  any thoughts on a name for a black and white male cat?  no food names!

January 9, 2012

why I use GPTs

so I figured I'd do a blog on using GPT (get paid to) sites.  I use several of them.  I don't use all of them on a daily basis, some I only use a couple times a week but I am a firm believer in every little bit adds up.  basically GPT sites have you do different things and they reward you with virtual currency that can then be exchanged for things like gift cards or items.  the things they have you doing vary from site to site.  some offer lots of things to choose from like searching, offers, tasks and surveys and some are more basic and only have offers and the like.  so I will do a quick run-down on my faves, highlight my fave parts of them and whatnot.

Swag Bucks - this is my first love of GPT sites!  it has more to do than any other site.  it has searching, offers, videos, surveys, tasks, coupons, daily points, codes and games plus shopping options too!  I use this one more than any other site and can make anywhere from $25 to $125  month there.

iRazoo - this one is the most like Swag Bucks.  it doesn't have it all but has a lot of it.  I don't prefer this one though so I basically only do searches and videos there but even at that I am able to pull off at least $5 a month or more, generally more.

ZoomBucks - this one is again, very similar.  I only use this one for the dailies and occasional task.  I still average about $5 paypal a month doing just that.

InstaGC - this one has instant payouts which is really nice and you can cash out at $1 for an amazon gift card!  this site has all offers.

SuperPoints - this one is good if you have referrals...  I don't have referrals.  but it's a button that you push for points plus they have offers and videos too.  if you wanna join, just let me know and I'll get you a token to let you in ^.^

Calyp - I like this one a lot.  I just joined but so far it's pretty awesome!  basically you're endorsing different companies by posting their ads on FB or twitter.  then you get paid when people click on the ads and go on to view the website or whatever associated with it.  once you hit $25 they will send a card that the money gets loaded onto twice a month.  I haven't made it there yet but I'm close!

Mturk aka Amazon Mechanical Turk - this one is tasks, tasks and more tasks!!  I love it!  some of the tasks are so easy and fun to do and they pay out better than other sites in general.   best day ever was around $10 in a couple hours one evening while also doing other things.  this one you can get cash or amazon money.  I go amazon.

HillybillyClickers - this one I don't use much but when I do it's been worth it.  I was able to cash out little over $5 in paypal in november and then just under $5 in december and I only used it a few days a month.  this site is all offers and does really take some getting used to but eh, it pays so that's all that really matters to me.

GoodSearch - this one is not a GPT but I like this one so I'm mentioning it!  it will donate money to your selected charity for searches and shopping done online!  I make sure to search there a few times a day for my charity of choice.

so there's the itty bits on several GPT sites I use.  but here's the real why I use them...  we're broke here!  seriously...  we live in a smaller area where people think that you should fix their car and let them drive it even if they can't pay for it >.<  so, by me doing this we're able to afford things that would have been hard otherwise, like diapers for my 15 month old!  these sites have been the only thing keeping our heads above water the last few months.  is it any wonder I love them!?

January 4, 2012

sleep is for the weak!

sleep is for the weak has been a running theme in my house since late in pregnancy with my oldest child.  then she was born and it got worse thanks to our wonderful friend colic.  oh yeah, that was grand!

anyways, I no longer have a colicky child, nor one that wakes in the middle of the night for feedings but do I sleep thru the night?  not hardly!  I was woken up last night by our great dane at just after 1am.  he needed a potty break *rolls eyes* and then I was up the rest of the night!  though I will say it was interesting.  I watched a few episodes of hoarders on netflix, just the ones with good captions, not the scrolly kind cause that messes with my seizures.  I was also visited by my three year old twice.  once she gave me her "best favorite elephant toy" and the second time she put her bear on one arm of the loveseat to watch the telly with me and her sheep on the other arm.  the baby woke up around 4am and was singing with his glow worm for about 20 minutes before he started laughing hysterically at nothing.  I was afraid he'd wake up his brother so I got him up and he watched hoarders with me.  he is not nearly as interested in it as I am, especially with no sound.

ah, then 6am rolls around and my older son gets up for the day.  so, no sleep for me!  no coffee either cause I am not strong enough for black.  as is I have to put obnoxious amounts of milk and/or creamer for me to be able to drink it and we're out of both.  hubby tells me it's coffee flavored milk that I drink lol.

I am quite sure that will be one of the worst blogs I write!  *takes a bow*  I am rather tired and have this totally kicking headache too.  but decided to make myself come type something so I don't fall off my own band wagon.

January 2, 2012

have you seen my baby washcloths?

I will totally admit I am a total cheapie.  I hate spending money or wasting money.  it actually makes me feel kinda ill...  yeah, not normal, deal with it m'kay?

anyways this is where baby washcloths come in.  I have four children so we've been give a LOT of baby washcloths over the years.  I mean, they make such wonderful filler gifts for baby showers, right?  yeah, so there's that.  I seriously got bombarded with them with baby number two.  there I sat with dozens upon dozens of them wondering what to do.  family cloth was out of the question but thanks for thinking of it!  don't know what that is?  you probably don't wanna know either so don't bother swag searching it!

well then I had a light-bulb moment!  I have dozens of little squarish pieces of cloth that when folded look strikingly like a napkin folded for the table!  oh yes, I use baby washcloths as napkins in my house.  we are quite stylish here.  we have patterns ranging from plain blue or yellow to colored stripes and even a few yellow ducky ones.  they are great!  we just toss them into the washer after each meal and they get washed with the next load.  less waste in that we're not buying paper napkins and obviously less expensive.  I bought a new pack yesterday for $2 which is roughly what a package of napkins would cost.  a package of paper napkins in my house used to last about two weeks.  this pack of washcloths will last months upon months!  just watch those dollar signs float baby!

so you're thinking that is nuts, right?  well, that's okay.  just remember when you're wiping your mouth with paper, my little ones are smearing their jellied faces with soft as a baby butt cloth lol

January 1, 2012

looking ahead!

as I looked back at the previous year I was pleasantly pleased with the way things went.  I learned a lot of new things and met a lot of new people, granted all online but still.  I managed to earn several hundred dollars at various online sites.  now I am looking ahead, anticipating what all I can and will accomplish this year!  I am excited!  I am finding new sites to try my hand at earning a few dollars and letting go of ones that just aren't working for me.
this year I plan to do more, earn more and enter more.  I want 2012 to be the best yet!  I am not making any resolutions (except the one where I plan to be mentioned and/or featured in a blog written by Swag Bucks) but I am so amped for this year!  and if you're here I want you to get ready and enjoy the ride!  we're gonna rock this year like never before!!!