April 22, 2012

popularity pays!

we all know that I like to make money while being online, right?  well, I have decided to share a bit about one of those sites that brings in extra money for me.  that site is Calyp. 
now to explain the blog title.  they used to pay you per click on your ads.  due to abusive practices, they have changed it to now they pay you to endorse the ads.  how much you get paid depends on your "reach" or how popular you are.  wow, I think I just lost an IQ point there and went back to high school.  anyways, that's how they pay you.  if you have less than 500 friends/followers/connections then you get a piddly 20cents per share.  if you have 501 to 2000 then you get 40cents.  next level is 80cents and then there's another level where you get $2 per share!  you get paid once a month on a visa card, around the middle of the month.
you may be asking if it's worth it.  well, I tend to think it is.  I am in the second tier right now where I make 40cents per share.  since I can share 4 ads per day, I can conceivably make about $48 a month for just a few minutes a day.  that is not too bad!  I am pretty close to the third tier.  yep, you just did the math right.  I could make around $96 a month.  this of course depends on ads being available each day.  some days you may not have four new ads to post, so of course there's no money that day or only money for the new ones you post.
now for the realistic cons of the site.  the customer service is pretty lacking.  also they apparently have a rather pathetic knowledge of a calendar.  cause they will tell you that the card load date is the 10th.  that's not the day it's actually loaded onto your card, it's several days later.  but all that aside, I still recommend it for a pretty little chunk of money each month for very little work.
if you don't have the reach, why not get the reach?  get yourself a twitter account and get yourself some followers.  it's easy as pie!  need some help?  just ask and I will do what I can to help you out.  don't miss out on this easy money just for endorsing products.

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