May 16, 2012

and the I has it!

I could be sooo many things but I figured I'd go for ink.  yes, ink. well, not exactly that kind of ink...  how about the kind of ink that is truly permanent?  yep, that would be the kind of ink I mean.  yes, tattoos.  I have a few of them.  yes, really.  I have one on my forearm.  it's big and purple and is the greenman.  well, yes, my greenman is purple...  you had a point?  moving on.  I also have a paint splat on my back with a symbol in the middle of it.  and then a line of poetry with some feet on my ankle.
so I guess then the big question that hangs in the air is...  why?  followed by things like, are you sorry?  did they hurt?  are you getting any more?
so quick answer to all of it is no.  I don't have a why anymore.  one was a graduation present.  one was a tribute to my mom who passed away and one was because I was bored (what, you've never been bored with a couple hundred bucks to burn and decided to go ink yourself?  sheltered people!).  I'm not sorry cause that's who I was and they're a part of me.  though I will be honest, I think I could have chosen a better spot for the greenman lol.  no, they did not hurt.  I have an incredibly high pain threshold.  don't believe me?  I gave birth to a 9lb baby while my children slept in the next room.  it was also in a duplex and the neighbors were never the wiser.  so, am I getting any more.  well, there's where it gets interesting.  I think I will always have the desire to get more ink deep inside.  I mean I had wanted a tatt since I was old enough to know what they were.  but now I stand in a place where I have decided for many reasons that my inking days are behind me.  I will never regret them because they are a part of my past and I fought hard to get to where I am now.  each one has a meaning to it and they remind me of things.  I have a horrible memory thanks to a car accident where I went headfirst into the windshield when I was 18.  no, I wasn't driving.  so, having the tatts reminds me of things and places and times.  they also prove that I am me and I am here.  they are a part of me.


  1. Now I want to see your purple greenman! (I love my tatt's - but am not done)

    1. I'll get a pic of it sometime. that's yet another odd thing about me... there are literally about a handful of pics of me since I became an adult. I just don't get them taken. I did used to take weird pics of my feet to use as profile pics but that draws out the oddballs lol