November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks and Giving Away

so, it's that time of year again...  we're giving thanks and cooking too much food.  so why not do a quickie giveaway?  enter to win a $10 egiftcard code for either walmart or amazon.  cool eh?  entries are easy and there's only one mandatory entry.  you have three and a half days to enter it.  I'll contact the winner on Sunday and they'll have two days to reply or I will choose another winner.  ready?  get to it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

this is not sponsored by anyone other than me (and maybe my site referrals lol) 

bubble wrap

at this stage in life I'm thinking therapy might be cheaper than the amount of bubble wrap I would need.  but you can get it on amazon....

November 4, 2012


I've said it before but in case you're just jumping into my insanity right this moment, I'm pregnant.  yep.  like 21 weeks pregnant which means I am in the stage of pregnancy where I can EAT!  oh food how I missed thee.  but this also means cravings.  not really weird ones, I've never gotten those thankfully because I'm not sure I could live with myself if I did.  my main cravings this pregnancy have been laffy taffy and dairy products.  give me cheese, cottage cheese, chocolate, ice cream, whatever so long as it's dairy.  also cheese and tomato which just so happens to be what is on a pizza.  spaghetti too.  yeah.  this has been a fun pregnancy food wise.  can you just see me ballooning up as I type?  okay, since most of you have no clue what I really look like, think of anyone getting pregnant and then living off of a 85% dairy diet.  it's not pretty I tell you.  only 21 weeks and I am for lack of a better word, HUGE!  

yeah, so if you've ever been pregnant, did you get any cravings?