December 27, 2012

learning something new!

I love my free ebooks from amazon.  I check the list several times each day because it updates hourly.  but yeah, yesterday I learned something new...  the links to the side also show free ebooks by category.  I had always ignored them thinking it'd take me away from my beloved freebies.  I was so wrong!  so, so wrong!  let me tell you, it's awesome having so many options for free books!  yes, I'm a reading junkie and no, I'm not ashamed.  show of hands, how many people were also in the dark on this?  come now, I can't be alone...  oh well, okay then.

in case the link isn't obvious in the blog post, it's the word "freebies" in the middle.

December 26, 2012

Wacky Weds Day

I had a random thought...  gamers getting married.  it happens.  really, it does.  me and hubby are both gamers.  so I went trolling along on google images and found some epic gamer marriage pics...  check it out!

see and you thought we all had no creativity!  I laugh in your general direction...    fairy tales my foot, I'll take a level up any day!