May 21, 2012

caffeine, no computer & a swagbucks code extravaganza

see, when I get going...  you can blame that right there!  that's the chemical make-up of caffeine :-)

so, I am out a computer for a little while.  the extra one is in our bedroom so I can't spend too much time on it as I have many minions to tend to.  so I will be more scarce than normal sad to say.  but I will try to use my time to brainstorm and write things down (with a pen even!) so when I get my comp back to running right I am ready!  I think I may be able to convince hubby to let me in here some before he starts gaming at night too so there's always that!  but til then I will have a really clean house lol.

also today is a swagbucks code extravaganza!  so be on the lookout for them.

May 18, 2012

Just a little funny...

wait, I've told you that I have a major geeky side right?  well, now you know!
no, I'm not obsessed with star wars but I still found this amusing.

May 16, 2012

and the I has it!

I could be sooo many things but I figured I'd go for ink.  yes, ink. well, not exactly that kind of ink...  how about the kind of ink that is truly permanent?  yep, that would be the kind of ink I mean.  yes, tattoos.  I have a few of them.  yes, really.  I have one on my forearm.  it's big and purple and is the greenman.  well, yes, my greenman is purple...  you had a point?  moving on.  I also have a paint splat on my back with a symbol in the middle of it.  and then a line of poetry with some feet on my ankle.
so I guess then the big question that hangs in the air is...  why?  followed by things like, are you sorry?  did they hurt?  are you getting any more?
so quick answer to all of it is no.  I don't have a why anymore.  one was a graduation present.  one was a tribute to my mom who passed away and one was because I was bored (what, you've never been bored with a couple hundred bucks to burn and decided to go ink yourself?  sheltered people!).  I'm not sorry cause that's who I was and they're a part of me.  though I will be honest, I think I could have chosen a better spot for the greenman lol.  no, they did not hurt.  I have an incredibly high pain threshold.  don't believe me?  I gave birth to a 9lb baby while my children slept in the next room.  it was also in a duplex and the neighbors were never the wiser.  so, am I getting any more.  well, there's where it gets interesting.  I think I will always have the desire to get more ink deep inside.  I mean I had wanted a tatt since I was old enough to know what they were.  but now I stand in a place where I have decided for many reasons that my inking days are behind me.  I will never regret them because they are a part of my past and I fought hard to get to where I am now.  each one has a meaning to it and they remind me of things.  I have a horrible memory thanks to a car accident where I went headfirst into the windshield when I was 18.  no, I wasn't driving.  so, having the tatts reminds me of things and places and times.  they also prove that I am me and I am here.  they are a part of me.

May 14, 2012

a-Ha moment...

okay, so this may be a bit of a stretch for H but I don't care right now.  it's working for me and this won't get read much anyways.

I have come to the realization that I probably will never make it as a blogger.  I mean one of the ones that get to do reviews and actually get people to read what they're posting.  know why?  cause I lack the ability to be overly dramatic.  I can't make myself go *smoking hot coupon* or *super HOT deal* for things that are actually pretty ordinary.  there's one blogger I follow on FB that will post that they have a really hot freebie on their blog but it's so hot they can't say it on FB.  yeah, I've gotten that freebie as a Special Offer on Swagbucks and got PAID to get it and fyi, it's not a real great freebie but whatever floats their boat I guess.  saw another blogger post that they had *JUST* signed up for something (that's how they put it) and they'd already made money.  well upon scrolling the wall of said blogger, apparently they had also *JUST signed up the day before and probably the day before that too.  what's worse is that so many bloggers will promote companies that I know if they had actually TRIED to use the company (talking GPT sites here) they would know it's not actually worth it, especially to people who are not big bloggers.  it's misleading at best and at worst I won't even go there.  I use several sites that I know are decent for me but I don't think would be worth it to most people so I don't bother mentioning them or only give them a passing mention here and there with the warning that they're not the easiest or only good under certain circumstances.

so, I'm feeling kind of down right now.  I just don't see me being able to be that type of person.  not that they're bad people but it's just not me.

Casino Mate has a giveaway going on!

so check this out.  Casino mate has a giveaway going on where you can win an pretty cool Kindle Touch 3G.  nice, huh?  I know I'd love to have one!  I am head over heels in love with my Kindle Fire and would love another kindle in the house for my children to use.  so don't delay, head on over to Casino mate and get your entries in to win!  the giveaway ends in 16 and a half days but you're here reading it now so you might as well!  also there's a daily entry if you tweet it.  the more entries, the more possibility of the winner being you!

side note, I have actually won a few giveaways so don't think all of them are scams :-)

May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

so, today is Mother's Day....

perhaps you were thinking of getting your mom some flowers?  Meaningful Mother's Day Flowers for Mom 

or mayhaps you wanted to spend some time vegging on the couch with her watching some flicks?   Best Movies to Watch with Mom

need some last minute ideas for a gift?   Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

just make sure to avoid these gift ideas!   The Worst Mother's Day Gifts

want to see some of the best-dressed Celebrity moms?   Best-Dressed Celebrity Moms

or is something to giggle at more your taste today?   Giggle-Worthy Mother's Day Someecards

whatever you do, however you feel about the day in general, I hope you have a wonderful day!

May 10, 2012

E F G is easy for me!

okay, so I have been my slacking self.  again, I will remind you that I've been sick!  so there :-p

anyways, here comes E, F and G which works out perfectly together if you're asking me.  since this happens to be my blog, I guess if you're reading this, you kinda are.

E is for Earning and Easy
F is for FREE
G is for Giftcards

yep, they make a nice little sentence and describe what it is I do while online most of the time.  I am easily earning free giftcards.  not all of what I get is in giftcard form though.  I do also get cash sent to paypal and there are a couple of sites I use that send the money to a card so in a sense it's a giftCARD right?

anyways, I use many sites as I have mentioned before (and as can be seen by browsing my sidebar).  right now my go-to sites are Swagbucks (my first love) where I earn about $50 - $75 a month at present, Calyp where this past month I made about $35 (I'd recommend this to anyone with a few minutes a day on their hands and a decent network -fb, twitter, linkedin), SuperPoints where I make maybe $10 a month, sure not the greatest but it's steady and with a few referrals could be pretty epic, Jingit is an easy $10 or more a week for watching commercials and lastly Share Magnet where I am making a few dollars every few days just by posting ads to my twitter and occasionally my FB account (this one works better with a larger following as it pays per click).  the only sites I have right now with active referrals is SuperPoints but I only have two and they're only quasiactive and I am still able to make over $100 a month between all my sites.

so, what is that I do with all these sites to get all this?  well, I do searches (swagbucks, irazoo, bing and gift hulk).  I watch videos (jingit, swagbucks, irazoo, gift hulk and superpoints).  I play games (swagbucks, irazoo).  I find codes (swagbucks, irazoo and gift hulk).  I post ads to my twitter account (calyp and share magnet).  I click a button (superpoints).  I check my email (superpoints).  I use coupons (swagbucks).  these things are all things I would do anyways, well, except the codes.  I'm even teaching my hubby how to use some of them since calyp, jingit, swagbucks and irazoo all allow you to have more than one account per household.  irazoo said you each need your own computer but the others haven't said it matters though hubby and I do have separate computers so we keep our stuff separate.  I never let him log into anything on my computer and I don't log into anything on his.  the only thing we share is my kindle fire.  I sometimes use it to log into swagbucks and I also let him use it to run the sbtv mobile app.

honestly, who couldn't use a little extra money each month?  you're online anyways, why not use a portion of that time to pay you?  how much is your internet bill?  yeah, you can most likely make that each month just by using a couple of these sites.  so, are you ready to join me in EASILY EARNING FREE GIFTCARDS yet?  why not?  what are waiting on?  it really doesn't cost you a thing to give it a try.  you only stand to gain from it!  so hop on over to the sites (links above are my referral links which I would greatly appreciate your using) and sign up and start making some money!  you know you want to <3

the pic right there shows when Swagbucks hit 1 million FB likes.  how is that for proof of it being legit and worth your time?  so stop thinking and get to it!

if you have any questions, no matter how small, feel free to ask.  I LOVE helping people with the sites and easily earning free giftcards.  even if you're not my referral, I will still give you all the help I possibly can, so ask me, I gotcha covered.

May 8, 2012

what a D - lite!

she's a maniac, a maniac on the floor!

okay, perhaps not in the same way they imply in the song but yeah...  I like to dance!  though I have to say I probably resemble Elaine from Seinfeld. 

my favorite types of music to dance to are loud and fast.  I don't do well with slow but never really needed to worry about slow dancing either.  dancing is one of the reasons I like Fraggle Rock cause of the theme song.  "dance your cares away, worry's for another day so let the music play."

I was up dancing with my ten pound baby a little less than two weeks after an emergency c-section.  of course there was no jumping like I generally do but it was therapeutic.  he's 19 months old now and likes to dance with me.  of course his version of dancing is running around me in a circle laughing but it works cause his laugh is therapeutic.

so do you like to dance?

May 6, 2012

I C what you did there...

I feel bad.  I'm losing steam already but in all fairness to myself, I am sick!  I wake up with hot flashes then cold flashes.  my entire body just aches.  it's rough.  I didn't turn my computer on for well over an entire day!  that in itself is rare.  I do a normal weekly 26ish hour outage but to go beyond that is not in my range of normalcy.  

so, the letter is C....  I have had many fleeting thoughts about what I could do for C.  like cartoons, the main staple on the telly in this house.  children, I do have four of them ya know.  classics, as in movies, books and the like.  yeah, I am not one too interested in most classics.  cult classics I am generally okay with though ^.~  so that's what I'll focus on cause it really does say a lot about me.
my husband laughs at me with my random movie knowledge and some of the movies I've seen and claim to like.  like the rocky horror picture show.   it's awesome.  yes, it's bad too but it has so much WIN to it!  then there's the evil dead movies (evil dead, evil dead 2 and army of darkness).  he groans every single time I mention them.  but they're good in a massively cheesy way.  don't make me get my boomstick out!  I seriously look at these movies as comedies rather than horror or whatever genre most video stores put them in.  how anyone could possibly take them seriously as a horror movie is beyond me.  then again, I guess I should mention that when I watched scream in the movie theater I laughed, a LOT!  scary movies just are not scary anymore.  they're too overdone or are only there for the gore factor.
I know this really doesn't have to do with cult classic movies but I am also known to quote movies, songs, commercials and television shows at random and make them fit in perfectly.  yes, even some really cheesy lines work for me when I do it right.  I am also a master of sarcasm.  words are like a playground to me.  I love to make plays on words, puns, be sarcastic (not in the meaner sense) and I also have an odd tendency to break down larger words in my mind to see how many other words I can create from it.  yeah, normal is not a word I think anyone would try to associate with me unless they put and ab on the front of it.  but that's okay with me.
so, I haven't watched any of the movies I mentioned here in years, I mean YEARS!  but I can still quote from them and I do go on youtube quite often so I can do the time warp again!
yes, I do actually dance to it.  I love dancing!  I may not be real good at it but I do it anyways.  I dance like nobody is watching!  so get up and groove with me....

May 3, 2012

B and B and B s'more

I thought I'd go a little different with this one.  with this one I will name off ten things I like that start with B.
  1. Babies (well, that was a given, no?)
  2. Banana Bread (try a new recipe almost every time I make it!)
  3. Blueberries
  4. Blogging (even if I am kinda forcing myself back into it - life has been nuts!)
  5. Baking (tis a shame I live in FL too since I can't bake for 2/3 of the year!)
  6. Ben and Jerry's ice cream!  (I shouldn't, wish I didn't but it's sooo good!)
  7. Bedtime!  
  8. Books!  (I would love for my house to look like a library, a library with noise!)
  9. Buttered Bread (warm to be specific)
  10. Beauty (this is not what you're probably thinking as I find beauty in almost every thing!)

May 2, 2012

we start with A!

so, I thought to try to make the alphabetical posting be personal.  give you a look into me and my life.  so for A I am gonna talk about animals.  so original right?  well, I live on a non-working mini farm right now.  we used to have sheep.  katahdin sheep to be exact.  they were amazing.  we had one ram and six ewes.  all six of the ewes lambed the year we had them.  one had twins and the rest all had singletons.  it was so cool!  we had to help one of them deliver and that lamb ended up dying which was pretty sad but it's common.  we had to sell off the flock after a really bad year.  we knew we couldn't sustain the flock over the winter so we sold them at the beginning of fall in 2010.
growing up I always had pets of one kind or another.  dogs and cats were really common.  but I also had some others.  like a peach faced lovebird.  yes, just one.  I also had ferrets, hedgehogs, hamsters and guinea pigs.  oh and of course fish, but only bettas.
right now my pet family consists of a great dane and a cat, both boys and both live outside.  we also have four chicken hens and one turkey hen.  we'd like to get some more chickens but for now we're content with the ones we have (not that we get any eggs from them since they fly over the fence and lay eggs over in the woods next door).  at one point we have well over 100 various birds (chicken, duck, turkey and guinea).  but that too had to go in late 2010.  the ones we have now survived.
I hope one day to get back into farming, at least with poultry.  I'm not sure I'm ready to take on mammals again.  perhaps a cow or two for the vacant pasture out back but even then I don't know.  we've talked about taking on a second cat but we haven't decided for sure.  though I am pretty certain once the kittens are big enough that my sister-in-law has, one will come home.
so there's my first post.  I made it!  now to plan out one for tomorrow cause I totally winged this one!

May 1, 2012

alphabetical posting

I have come to a conclusion...  I need to blog more!  I've tried to do it.  I want to do it but I keep letting life and my many minions get in my way.  being a homeschooling mom to four does somewhat hamper my concentration skills a tad.  so here's what I'm going to do!  each day this month (well, I hope each day), I will do a post relating to the letters of the alphabet.  I will start tomorrow if I can't crank one out later on today.  that will still leave me enough days to complete the alphabet.  then hopefully I will be in the habit of posting so I won't have to give myself a challenge to get it done.  I really want to do this.  I want to grow as a blogger but things have been so crazy here with the mystery illness that will not leave and whatnot.  so now starts my renewed vigor!  I will do this!  are you with me?  (don't everyone comment all at once now :-P)