January 13, 2012

some days are better than others in the world of GPT sites

as with everything in life, there are good days and there are bad days.  today is a good day so far in the world of GPT sites for me!  on one site I had a referral win 100 points!  can we say yay?  then on another site I got a new referral and they were racking up points.  I only got a few pennies but that is okay, I am really just glad to see someone else earning!  I also had several offers easily credit me this morning so I was able to cash out $3 in amazon gift cards.  I LOVE the instant cash outs with that site.  instant gratification is fun.

but the best part of today is that on Swag Bucks it's a code extravaganza day!  first one of the year!  I am so stoked!  one code has already come and gone...  now we're chomping the bit waiting on another one.  yes, we get excited over the pennies!  those pennies really add up!

so, if you're reading this... has your day of GPT been a good one?

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