January 12, 2012

cat with no name

we got a kitten the other day.  he's a cute little thing.  there's just one wee little problem.  we haven't named him.  so far we're calling him "kitty" but that name doesn't work so well for a boy as an actual name in my opinion.  hubby and I are not the best at coming up with names.  he uses the same name for every character he makes for games because he just doesn't want to come up with something new.  I'm no better...  did I ever mention that our youngest child was named as I was being prepped for surgery?  yeah, we're that bad!  so here we are faced with wee little ball of fluff without a name.  the obvious name for him would be Oreo but I am not calling my cat a food name.  no way!  so that leaves us with only the suggestion of our oldest child which is spots or the suggestion of our second oldest which is robot.  hmmmm...  I think not!
so, I have a couple readers here...  any thoughts on a name for a black and white male cat?  no food names!

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  1. You're ahead of me in naming your child. After my first was born I was in such a stupor when they asked me his name to fill out the birth certificate I thought they asked me his dad's name so I have a Jr. in the family. rofl

    Jackie Hawkins aka Granny