January 4, 2012

sleep is for the weak!

sleep is for the weak has been a running theme in my house since late in pregnancy with my oldest child.  then she was born and it got worse thanks to our wonderful friend colic.  oh yeah, that was grand!

anyways, I no longer have a colicky child, nor one that wakes in the middle of the night for feedings but do I sleep thru the night?  not hardly!  I was woken up last night by our great dane at just after 1am.  he needed a potty break *rolls eyes* and then I was up the rest of the night!  though I will say it was interesting.  I watched a few episodes of hoarders on netflix, just the ones with good captions, not the scrolly kind cause that messes with my seizures.  I was also visited by my three year old twice.  once she gave me her "best favorite elephant toy" and the second time she put her bear on one arm of the loveseat to watch the telly with me and her sheep on the other arm.  the baby woke up around 4am and was singing with his glow worm for about 20 minutes before he started laughing hysterically at nothing.  I was afraid he'd wake up his brother so I got him up and he watched hoarders with me.  he is not nearly as interested in it as I am, especially with no sound.

ah, then 6am rolls around and my older son gets up for the day.  so, no sleep for me!  no coffee either cause I am not strong enough for black.  as is I have to put obnoxious amounts of milk and/or creamer for me to be able to drink it and we're out of both.  hubby tells me it's coffee flavored milk that I drink lol.

I am quite sure that will be one of the worst blogs I write!  *takes a bow*  I am rather tired and have this totally kicking headache too.  but decided to make myself come type something so I don't fall off my own band wagon.

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