January 1, 2012

looking ahead!

as I looked back at the previous year I was pleasantly pleased with the way things went.  I learned a lot of new things and met a lot of new people, granted all online but still.  I managed to earn several hundred dollars at various online sites.  now I am looking ahead, anticipating what all I can and will accomplish this year!  I am excited!  I am finding new sites to try my hand at earning a few dollars and letting go of ones that just aren't working for me.
this year I plan to do more, earn more and enter more.  I want 2012 to be the best yet!  I am not making any resolutions (except the one where I plan to be mentioned and/or featured in a blog written by Swag Bucks) but I am so amped for this year!  and if you're here I want you to get ready and enjoy the ride!  we're gonna rock this year like never before!!!

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