January 2, 2012

have you seen my baby washcloths?

I will totally admit I am a total cheapie.  I hate spending money or wasting money.  it actually makes me feel kinda ill...  yeah, not normal, deal with it m'kay?

anyways this is where baby washcloths come in.  I have four children so we've been give a LOT of baby washcloths over the years.  I mean, they make such wonderful filler gifts for baby showers, right?  yeah, so there's that.  I seriously got bombarded with them with baby number two.  there I sat with dozens upon dozens of them wondering what to do.  family cloth was out of the question but thanks for thinking of it!  don't know what that is?  you probably don't wanna know either so don't bother swag searching it!

well then I had a light-bulb moment!  I have dozens of little squarish pieces of cloth that when folded look strikingly like a napkin folded for the table!  oh yes, I use baby washcloths as napkins in my house.  we are quite stylish here.  we have patterns ranging from plain blue or yellow to colored stripes and even a few yellow ducky ones.  they are great!  we just toss them into the washer after each meal and they get washed with the next load.  less waste in that we're not buying paper napkins and obviously less expensive.  I bought a new pack yesterday for $2 which is roughly what a package of napkins would cost.  a package of paper napkins in my house used to last about two weeks.  this pack of washcloths will last months upon months!  just watch those dollar signs float baby!

so you're thinking that is nuts, right?  well, that's okay.  just remember when you're wiping your mouth with paper, my little ones are smearing their jellied faces with soft as a baby butt cloth lol


  1. eww family cloth.. i so swag searched it, and now am frightened by what i discovered. and utterly grossed out. eww

  2. I totally said you probably didn't wanna know lol