April 1, 2012

trying to read a series

as has been stated many times in my life, I am not normal.  I finally decided to tackle reading the hunger games books.  not because I want to see the movie but because I had a bunch of friends say how awesome it is.  well, it took me several chapters into the first book to get hooked.  now I am at part II of book two.  I have hit a point where in all honesty I could walk away from it.  I will finish it just out of my need to finish things (unless they are horrid).  I mean I even finished reading a stupid book I got for free off amazon for my kindle.  it has nearly 5 stars but was dumb in my opinion.  it lacked any real endings!  but finish it I did!  so I will endure to the end of the hunger games.

oh on a totally off note - I left my first book review on amazon!  wanna check it out?  it's here :-)

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