April 24, 2012

save with this idea

with spring on it's way and summer right on it's tail, the electric bill will soon be showing the effects of the s/c running again.  I live in FL so it's been running here for weeks.  but here's an idea to save a little electricity and money as well.

clean your filter!  no, I don't mean change it like you're supposed to.  I mean clean it.  I don't currently have one of the reusable ones for my a/c.  we keep saying we'll get one but yeah, it doesn't happen.  anyways, we use those regular, cheap a/c filters.  they claim they last 30 days.  pppffftttt!  yeah, right!  maybe in some house up north in the middle of a city.  not in a mobile home in FL on a dirt road with poultry and a pine farm next door.  so, once or twice a week, I vacuum that little baby off.  yes, really.  I get the filter out and vacuum it off.  it extends the life of the filter to the actual 30 days it claims and it saves electricity cause the a/c doesn't have to work so hard to pull the air!  when you're saving electricity, you're saving money (and the planet).

here's a random picture of one of my hens.  she likes the mimosa.  I guess it offers pretty good cover from the hawks.  she is one of the many reasons I have so much dust!

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