April 17, 2012

dangerous foot fashion mistake

did you know that not only is wearing socks with your knock-off crocs a fashion don't, it's also a safety hazard? well, it is!
yep, that is me in my knock-off crocs and socks. that's how I do yard work. the shoes are cheap and light. the socks keep my feet from getting filthy, well mostly. they're also my husbands so too big for me. I LOVE them!!! anyways, about them being a safety hazard... 

we had a small fire in the yard. the poultry yard to be exact. grass was pretty dry. okay, we're talking drought conditions and it was really overgrown. not good at all! so, it caught fire just out of reach of the hose. so me being the brave one that I am decided to help stomp out the parts that were heading into the pasture. yes, I did this while wearing my ever so fashionable knock-off crocs and socks! so, there I am stomping out little fires with my oversized foam shoes on. 

it was going great! the flames were being smothered! I was doing a great job! then my foot got to feeling hot. so I started to use the other foot. what a stroke of pure genius! yes, the other foot! so there I go again, stomping out the little fires. they're all dying beneath my feet. it's awesome. I'm saving the pasture! I'm saving the cow farm behind us! I'm saving the pine farm next door! I am woman hear me ROAR! 

oh wait, now that foot is getting hot. ouch, real hot! I pull my foot out of the shoe. wow, my sock is singed. I check the other foot. yup, that one is singed too. yeah, you know those holes in the sides of the shoes. the flames, angry at me for stomping on them decided to climb in and burn my feet! can you believe that? totally rude. burned my feet. and of course cause I am just that cool, it was in fact both feet. but at least I had my socks on so it was only the fuzz from the socks that got burned. but yeah, learn from me... it's a fashion don't and also a safety hazard! those holes mean fire can crawl right on in there and bite ya!


  1. I saw these at a local wal-mart! They were under 10$ and I can see how they may be a hazard. I saw a lady walking in the rain with them once..

  2. What a visual as I picture you doing as you described. The question is, Did you learn from this mistake or will you repeat it? Hope you are ok. :-)

    1. well, if the field is in danger of burning I won't take the time to consider footwear. I will still get out there and stomp the fires and deal with the aftermath later lol.