April 9, 2012

my random thoughts on the hunger games trilogy

yes, I am sure you've seen many reviews on this trilogy.  but I'm throwing my pennies into the mix.

pros - it was really well written.  the characters were well developed and it was easy to relate to most of them.  most of the time it was a real page turner and hard to put down.

cons - the ending was really a let down.  in my humble opinion it was as if they were just tired of writing the books and quickly ended it with a minimum of fuss and resolution.  yes, the two that I was pulling for did end up together but it was just so sudden an end.

would I recommend the books?  sure.  they were a good read.  I had all three done in less than two weeks.  I can generally read a book in less than two days but things have been nuts here with spring cleaning and a sickness that is moving in cycles through the house.  I did enjoy the books and may one day read them again.  I'm not convinced I will see the movies for them though.  I am often very let down when books go big screen. 

so there are my pennies.  one of them is shiny and the other a little tarnished but they're mine and I am tossing them in the barrel!

I started reading Stealing Jenny last night...  I'll let ya know what happens.  as in if I finish it or it goes to unfinished bookland like Mayhem did (I started it but stopped probably 1/3 of the way through due to being irked that none of it made sense to me).

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  1. okay, I finished Stealing Jenny... it was pretty decent. slightly unlikely but still good. kept me turning the pages!