April 5, 2012

the book samaritan

 have you ever heard of the book samaritan?  if you're a homeschooling family, you can't afford not to have heard of them!  they are a group that gives out free homeschooling books and supplies to families that need some help.  most home school families are one income families and can use a little help in getting all the books needed to school their child or children. 

this picture shows most of what I was sent last year for my three older children (the toddler is not old enough for this yet).  do you see those Bob books!?!  yeah, all those were just given to us!  it's been such a huge blessing to us the past couple years.  we do buy items ourselves so it's not like they're covering everything for us.  this shipment was in response to me asking for mainly math and reading materials.  we don't live terribly close to a library so I prefer to own lots of books for the children.  I could not believe how much we got. 

if you're a homeschooling family with things you no longer need, you can donate them to the book samaritan as well.  that is how they have this much to give out to families who are struggling.  I have a box ready to go out to them myself when I can afford the shipping.  even with media mail shipping it still costs and honestly, money is tight!  but I plan to have it sent out by summer so it can be sent out to families for the next school year.

so, seriously, check them out.  the website is being redone right now but still, what they do is so awesome!
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