January 31, 2013

counting down...

well, I now have a tentative date for when I'll be a mom to five.  it's both a relief to know when the end will be and a source of anxiety because I still am not thrilled with having another c section.  overall though it's a relief.  I feel pretty okay about the whole thing.  now I go into my mega planning mode.  I have only five short weeks to get everything done I need to get done!  how did it come down to only five weeks?  oy my vey! 

things I still need to do
  • figure out what to pack
  • pick an adorable coming home outfit even though it'll only be the fam to see it.  it has to be cute I tell you!
  • buy diapers (nope, don't have a single diaper for her yet).
  • plan out easy meals, perhaps even premake and freeze some.
  • rearrange my room to fit the baby in
  • set up the van for the carseat (this requires moving several children around)
  • line up childcare for the other children for when I'm actually having the baby.  I'd like hubby to be there to be with her til I wake up and it'd be really hard to do with four kids in tow.
  • find out about blood donation.  I needed a transfusion last time so I was hoping to find some people that love me enough to predonate some blood for me.
I'm sure there's more but I am overwhelming myself just making the list.  so now I'm going to pull out my handy notebook and make a bunch of lists.  lists help.  oh they do too....  if nothing else they're a good way to get out some of my nervous energy.

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