January 28, 2013


today I am being brave.  I am making meatloaf.  what?  you're looking at me like it's something people do every single day or something.  well, okay, maybe they do, but it's a new one on me. 
I have a small confession to make.  I'm not a very adept cook.  I can make some things.  I mean I make a mean pot of spaghetti, rocking homemade pizza, lasagna, tacos, quesadillas and even enchiladas.  when it comes to "real" food or the food that you'd think of as homestyle I am so not able to pull that off most of the time.  I've never made a roast or even a turkey (yes, we have lasagna for thanksgiving, don't hate).  sides in my house are generally not two veggies and bread.  sides are more along the lines of pickles, olives, fruit, beans, salad or fries.  I just never learned.  didn't really have anyone to teach me.
so here I am in my 30s learning to cook foods most people can do in their sleep.  it's interesting and I'm not real sure how the minions will take to it.  they happen to love tacos.  but variety is the spice of life, right?  okay, so that's probably one of those saying people have to defend themselves when they're being wishy washy about things but it's working for me in this instance.
I figure I'll make meatloaf this month.  don't go reminding me that the month is almost over...  at least I'm trying here!  then next month I'll make something else "that momma used to make."  not my momma, but that's what they say, right?  I can't remember what my momma made anymore.  I have a terrible memory about things and her cooking is not in my memory.  I mean obviously we had food so there had to be cooking going on kwim?  my ultimate plan is to do at least one "traditional" meal each month.  who knows, maybe I'll do it more often as I get more used to it.  for now though, I'm thinking once a month is a dandy way to start out.
now for a totally random video, well, okay not totally random since I AM talking about meatloaf here.  and yes, this version is the only decent version of the song.  no offense to that chick that did it too....


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