February 23, 2012

upgrade for momma!

for quite some time now, this is how I have been computing.

yes, my little computer sitting right next to the big gaming computer used by my beloved (side note - see that massive monitor, the one on the right?  yeah, I payed for it with money earned from SwagBucks).  no storage space or anything.  it was hard!  now, thank to a neighbor moving, I have been upgraded!  this is my new computing home....

do you see all those shelves?  the door?  the file drawers?  okay, those are pretty much hidden behind my chair.  but they are there.  it's a lot messy right now and, no, I don't plan on keeping my bread up there.  it was a quick move for me.  I had to relocate the piece of furniture that previously held my bread so until I am done organizing it, there's bread on it.  I am dedicating the door to homeschooling.  much better than the diaper box I was using.  yes, I kept all currently being used books and things in a diaper box that I carried around and stuck in odd places cause I had nowhere else to put it.  now, thanks to uber awesome neighbor (who moved away now), I have a place for it all!  my children were quite excited to be able to see the current books we are using and asked for an extra reading from one of them since they could now see it.  now blogging, GPT sites and everything else will be so much more relaxing for me.  I have a real computer home.

where's the computer for hubby you may be wondering...  well, it's still on that table.  he's happy there.  he's just a gamer afterall lol

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