February 20, 2012

and then I laughed

there we were...  in one corner - toddler!  in the other corner - mom (that'd be me).  let's set the stage...

toddler is standing in a chair at the table.  mom is standing in the walkway to the kitchen which is on the other side of the table.

round 1 - mom tells toddler to sit.  toddler responds in baby gibberish while still standing and bouncing a little.

round 2 - mom repeats that toddler needs to sit in the chair.  toddler responds in baby gibberish and grabs a nearby coloring book for effect.

round 3 - getting exasperated, mom repeats the order again.  toddler, obviously unphased by the exchange, responds in more baby gibberish but emphasizes it with some finger tapping to the coloring book while reaching for the crayon box.

mom gears up for round 4.  she knows that this will be the final round.  either toddler will comply on his own or mom will move in and use her uber mom trick (pick up and tickle). 

round 4 - attempting to sound stern mom once again tells toddler to sit.  toddler barely looks up while coloring in the book, taps it a few times while once again gibbering. 

then it happened.  the battle was won and lost.  this round goes to toddler...  because mom laughed.  it was unavoidable.  how does one not laugh at a 16 month old who is that grown up and serious?  at least he was in the chair and not on the table....

I must prepare better for the next battle with this one...  he's a tough one to beat!

1 comment:

  1. He's adorable. How could anyone get mad at a face like that?