February 22, 2012

making crayons

so, my children tend to break crayons, a lot.  I'd always heard you could melt them down and make your own so I decided to give it a whirl!  I took this mini muffin pan I have and sorted out the broken crayons into the different cups.  I tried to keep similar colors together...

I also let my daughter do some.  those would be the totally randomly colored ones.  we had a lot of fun doing it.  even better is I have crayons for Shem to use without buying those expensive toddler crayons.  this is a total win/win.

basics on how to do it.  peel all paper from crayons, sort crayons into metal nonstick pan.  put in the oven at lowest setting til they are melted.  pull out and let cool then pop them out and enjoy!  this works best with the big name brand of crayon but other brands will work too.

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