February 16, 2012

how crumby!

this has been a really crumby day.  not crummy, I really mean crumbs.  they are everywhere!  maybe they're not all crumbs but seriously, little tiny things you cannot see are all over the carpets, the wood floors, the linoleum too!  I vacuumed just yesterday, or was it the day before?  oh bother, whichever it was, I did it rather recently.  I know I swept the kitchen last night while making dinner - gotta get the food I always seem to drop on the floor up somehow and bending over to pick it up is entirely too much work.  to save myself the work of bending over to get it, I walk outside, get the broom and then sweep my little kitchen.  I sweep the stuff right out the door and onto the porch where I continue to sweep it out off the edge, the far edge because there's too much stuff and/or sides on the porch for me to do it right by the door.  no, I go all the way to the far side and sweep it off into the yard.  I have a dog.  I have a cat.  I have three chickens and a turkey.  therefore, this is a public service to sweep the junk outside, right?  you can't argue with that logic so don't even try!

the amount of crumbage (it's a word, I don't know why it's underlined in red!) in my house today is baffling.  yeah, I have four children and children by nature are crumb magnets or catchers or whatever but they only eat at the table or in the highchair when it comes to the toddler.  no, I'm serious!  we eat at the table!  only the table...  well, except the morning cookie from the hubby.  on his way out the door he gives each child a lemon sandwich cookie.  but there is no way that four little cookies can cause this amount of crumblies!  

perhaps some of it has come from our pants...  don't laugh!  I don't mean it like that.  I roll my jeans up.  a lot of the time hubby rolls his jeans up.  our oldest has been wearing jeans with like mega cuffs at the bottom.  when you walk around in the yard stuff flies up in there and hangs out!  it does too!  try it...  but for it to work right you may need to come to florida where there's more sand than dirt and lots of crunchy dead grass bits and come to my yard too where I have lots of leaves or needles or whatever they are from my bald cypress.  yeah, all that junk gets in the cuffs and then it falls out in the house!  technically not crumbs but still stuff under-foot.  

so, what would a rational person do?  a rational person would get out the broom and vacuum.  not me...  I came here and rambled a witty, okay, probably not so witty, blog about it.  I lost my rationality a long time ago!  probably around the birth of baby number two.  perhaps even before that.  so anyways now that I have whined about it here I am going to go tell my children to pick up everything off the floor for the umpteenth time today so I can vacuum it.  but what will happen is they will start, I will get distracted and the house will remain crumby.  they can sense my weakness....


  1. All so true Sarah. You made me laugh with this one. I think the crumbs conspire against us at night when we sleep. :)

  2. i love it! it's so true. but i have to add the other place the crumbies get is in the bed.....i cant stand it..the world today is becoming a very crumby place!