May 30, 2013

well okay then...

seriously we got it coming from all sides!  we live in a mobile home.  no, it's not in a park thankyouverymuch!  I'm much too sophisticated for that (stop laughing this instant!).  hubby being the awesome man that he is pulled the "skirting" down to take a look at the a/c duct work cause we think we might just have a leak (booo, hisss).  well, while he was down there he realized that our house is not set right.  the shims are out from most of the supports.  okay, for those of you that do not dwell in the mobile home lifestyle... a mobile home is like a shoebox, right?  well, pretend that under that shoebox is a support grid type thingie.  then stack up blocks to the support type thingie.  you're loving my technical terms, I can tell!  well, since the ground is not totally level and blocks are all one size, you end up having to put shims in to make up the space between the top block and the beam it's supposed to be supporting.  now you're wondering why this might be such a big deal, right?  well, think of it like this...  back to the shoebox m'kay?  stay with me...  I know what I'm talking about!  or not but seriously, stick with me.   so you have this shoebox on the grid thingie.  well, you have it supported on some places but not others so it's not level.  now put heavy things in there.  things that don't move.  you know, like a couch, bed, fridge and the like.  now put in things that do move.  mice would work!  it is a shoebox afterall.  so you have this heavy stuff and this moving stuff on an uneven and slightly shifting floor.  it's not good, not good at all.  then factor in the whole living in Florida thing and the fact that Hurricane season starts on the 1st.  yeah...  not good.  not good.  so we now have to get that taken care of.  it's a really good thing my hubby can do just about anything.  he's out there now, in the dark working on it.  he's got dedication.
not my actual house but gives an idea.

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