May 16, 2013

Baby T joined the brood

I realized I was in such a funk that I never even got around to putting up a birth announcement on here or birth story.  cause really, we all know we love hearing about others pain and suffering.  so here goes...

baby T was born on March 3rd via a repeat C section.  she weighed 8lbs 14oz and was 19in long which made her my shortest baby.  my due date was March 15th so she was a little earlier than expected.  I was actually scheduled for my section on the 8th but she had other plans.
I'd been having contractions off and on for weeks.  March 2nd I was of course having them but something was a little different this time.  the area of my previous incision started to burn with the contractions.  so we went to the hossy.  get there and get checked and all that fun stuff.  a couple hours later my doc says to keep me and I'll have a section in the morning.  well okay then!  so hubby goes home and I lay there...  and lay there...  and for a change, I lay there s'more.  finally once the contractions got a good pattern, they gave me something to make me sleep.  so I took a nap.  I woke up a couple hours later then they started to get me ready for the section.  fast forward to who knows how many hours later (I was put to sleep for the section) and I wake up to my hubby telling me he's leaving.  okay, I didn't even know he was there.  so he leaves and back to sleep I go.  I had the hardest time coming out of the anesthesia.  it was bad.  I woke up one time to a nurse in the room checking on T.  I asked her if she was a girl and if she was okay.  I was told she was a girl and I went back to sleep.  some time later the nurse came and woke me to tell me they had to take T to the nursery because she couldn't control her blood sugar.  I still hadn't even seen her yet.  I asked if I could see her first.  the nurse wrapped her up and handed her to me for about three minutes.  then they were gone.  I got updates on her when I asked but otherwise I was there alone.  the next morning a nurse comes in and tells me that there's a problem.  T has thrown up and the did an xray or something on her and there was a blockage in her intestines.  they couldn't tell exactly what it was but it was something, more than they could handle at my hossy.  she needed to be transported to a hossy with a NICU.  the baby I hadn't even met yet really had something wrong and was being taken to another city.  joy.  the transport team brought her in to see me before they left though.  so my daughter who was just one day old I'd seen for all of about five minutes.  I was there alone.  later on that morning I got my IV taken out.  I hate those and get them out asap.  then they moved me to another room.  I still hadn't seen my doc yet.  well, I'd been in my new room for about 20 or so minutes when he showed up.  I told him I needed to leave.  he gave me that doctor look then checked my incision and said okay as long as I promised to take it easy.  sure thing doc!  now sign the paper, I'm outta here!  I was dressed in like five minutes (this is quite a feat for someone who has just had a c section!).  hubby showed up and off we went.  I walked out of the hossy.  yeah, I'm that kind of stubborn.  I told the tech there was no reason for me to be wheeled out, I wasn't carrying a baby.  she wasn't going to argue with me.  I mean really, how you gonna argue with a chick who is less than 36 hours out from having had a c section and is being discharged?  yeah, you're not.  it won't work, you won't win.  end of story.
so I go home.  without my baby.  she's down in the NICU still.  hubby went and saw her.  we called.  we were hoping to get her in a day or so since they cleared out her bowel obstruction the first day.  but that did not happen.  she finally came home on thursday afternoon.  I was so excited to finally meet and hold my baby!
it's not been the easiest road with her.  she does seem to still have some digestive issues but then again all of my children have issues with their digestive tract in one way or another.  one child it was horrid gas that required a script.  one had really bad reflux.  and on and on.  but she's here and she's okay.  and she's so, so perfect!  that picture was taken on May 3rd at two months old!

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  1. She's beautiful! What a sucky delivery story, but glad it has a happy ending!