June 17, 2012

Unyoked review

Christian Suspense

This was an enjoyable read. It weaves a striking tapestry of suspense, romance and college life with heavy threads of faith throughout. While it has many elements to it, I would say this is an all-out suspense that keeps you guessing til the final, shocking end. Nearly all of my initial thoughts as to who and what were wrong which was a delightful surprise as I am generally pretty good at figuring out the who or what rather early on in a story.

There's Megan, recently broken up with her long-time beau Keith. There's Tony, the guy who has fallen in love with her right as she was breaking up with Keith. There's Megan's roomie and Tony's brother in their own little relationship as well, adding to the elements of the story. Throw in a random ex, a dad in jail and a dying aunt and it gets downright sticky! You just gotta read this to see how it all works out for them! You won't want to put it down! I can't wait for the sequel that I hope is coming soon :-)

I did give this book four stars. In all honesty as it stands, it deserves perhaps 3 to 3.5. The story is awesome, it's the formatting of the book that is troublesome. there are odd page breaks and missing words. The number for chapter one is included in the dedication. Also there are several spots where there is clearly a word missing. Lastly the title page still bears the previous title of the book instead of the new one which I admit confused me at first. If you're able to overlook all of that then I highly recommend this book! Once this book gets a good revision done to it and a sequel I could see me revising this review to five stars. 

disclaimer - I did get a free copy of this book to review but all thoughts are my own brand of caffeinated randomness :-)
you can get a copy right here for your very own!

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