June 27, 2012

under water

we had a tropical storm visit us.  her name was Debby.  she left the place an utter disaster area.  I haven't heard if it's been declared a state of disaster yet but it will be.  I am sitting in my house and I cannot leave.  I can drive about a mile before I have to turn back because all the roads are either under water or no longer there.  we had a couple eaten by sinkholes and a couple wash out.  at least we have our power!

here are some pictures of the area.  no, they're not ones I took but others did and posted them on facebook and the like.  this first picture was taken by my brother-in-law up the road from where we all live. 

this was a bridge.

and this...  this is the road we take to the dump.  that bit of white you see sticking out of it is a full size truck.  that had to be one scary ride down!  the person is in all honesty most likely not from this area.  cause most of us knew that there was a sinkhole in that field not too far from the road so we were avoiding it because of the rain.  we're guessing this person was trying to find a way out.  a way anywhere.  sorry, there's no way out.  we're stranded.  we're stuck.  there's no telling when we'll be saved either.  it's so bad that the lady a few houses down called 911 because she needs to go to the hossy (she really does, she's soooo sick and frail) but was told "sorry, we can't make it out to you."  this statement irks me.  I live three houses down from her.  they could bring a chopper our here and land in my pasture.  there's a dairy farm that backs up her property but noooooo, they can't make it out here.  sure.

BUT on the bright side.  we have power!  we have food.  we have stored water!  we will survive!

one last pic...  my yard yesterday as taken from my back door.  yes, that's my seriously overgrown bantam house in the pic...  ignore that and focus on all that water!  yes, that's water...

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  1. It's a damned shame that the government isn't sending people in to help. I hope you get help soon. Someone is going to get sick and die from that stagnant water.