June 3, 2012

reviewing books

since I have been without a regular PC, I have taken to reading an awful lot of my kindle books.  I read four yesterday.  yes, I just said four.  so since I am on a regular PC today I am trying to put out a few reviews for the books I have read.  I even joined a group on Facebook for people looking for reviews for their books.  of course most of them are indie authors and that is perfectly okay with me!  I have loads of books from indie authors lol.  so I just cranked out two reviews for books I read yesterday.  I have one more to do today.  the other I am waiting to hear back from the author before I review it.  I know I could review it without talking to them but since I will only be the second review I want to mention a few things to them before I review it and let them decide if they really want my review.  I just wanted to let people know I am here.  I am trying.  I will be back more often now.  I plan on hosting a giveaway soon to try to up my followers and things like that.  I messed up and was supposed to be part of a hop that started on the 1st but because of PC issues, losing my AC and dealing with my new sickness, I kinda dropped that ball.  I feel horrible even though I really only let myself down and caused the person in charge to have to delete my name from the list.  not a huge problem but still.  so there I am.  reading books, writing reviews and waiting on doctor's appointments.  yes, I do have an amazingly interesting life these days....
oh one more thing.  once I get better at writing reviews, expect more to show up on here too.  I could totally get into writing reviews!

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