June 28, 2013

where do I let the days go!?

seriously...  I had such high hopes of being a blogger.  of carving out a little bit of time each day to just let things flow from my overrevved mind onto the digital page.  alas I let life get so crazy that I often go days, even weeks without showing myself here.  I think about it but usually I have no computer on and don't really feel like going to one either.  I'm usually comfy, sitting on my couch or in my recliner, basking in the quiet that is the house once all the minions have given up the fight and gone to sleep.  yes, each one of my minions has their own brand of sleep fighting.  the girls talk and fight with each other for at least an hour each night.  the boys, well...  they're special.  sometimes the two year old goes nuts and attacks the seven year old for an hour.  more often though they both go right to sleep.  I like my boys.  my baby T also goes right to sleep.  I lay her in her bed, on her back like I'm supposed to, and she promptly flips to her belly , snuggles down and goes to sleep.  I hope she stays like that.  though I have to say, with knowing that one day she will join the other two girls, I doubt it.  obviously, only time will tell.

life is just moving so fast.  I barely have time to comprehend the newest thing when something else has come up.  we've got health woes, financial woes and emotional woes.  mixed into all that we have five beautiful children with their own unique personalities and quirks.  the baby is growing so fast.  she's almost four months old now.  she "talks" all the time, hates to lay down (prefers to be sitting up somewhere like in the high chair), is already in 9 month clothes and has a sense of humor.  well, okay, perhaps she doesn't have a sense of humor but she sure does laugh at me a lot.  all I have to do is look at her sometimes and she goes to laughing.  I didn't think I was that weird looking.  apparently I was mistaken.

we're making real progress on some things though.  we're almost done with resealing our roof.  yay for no leaks.  plus it a cool seal so it'll help with the electric too.  slowly but surely we're changing out all the outlets and switches in the house too.  we're going all cool with rocker switches.  I'm all about rocking out so rocker switches are the perfect addiction to our house, right?  we're getting close to getting our well fixed.  just a few steps away really.  we just need the weather to hold out so we can do what we need to.  one bad thing about the "Sunshine State" is the amount of rain we get in the summer.  it's insane!  pretty much weather is sunny in the morning, rain in the afternoon.  yeah, that sums it up right nicely.

also, I know it's summer but thanks to a crazy life, we're still in the middle of home schooling.  yeah.  I'm desperately trying to get my oldest to grasp her times tables.  it's not working really well.  then again, I never really learned them either.  I can wing my way with it by knowing some of them by heart but yeah, I'm not a math wiz by any means.  I hate math.  math was why I dropped out of college.  yes, it's that bad.  seriously, I fought an entire semester for a class.  I was tutored six days a week for a class I only went to three times a week.  I "passed" with a C but it wasn't enough to count for the credit.  I was going to have to retake it.  I said forget this and dropped out.  yes, I have issues and I'm okay with it.

ah...  there....  I've rambled.  nothing important but I rambled.

now back to lessons and gpting and cleaning and baking.  I love to bake.  I should probably share one of my new recipes soon.  probably.  not sure if I'll force myself to get around to it though.  I need a blog cheerleader or something to make myself care I guess.