July 15, 2012

Plate filling fast

so there are just a few days left for the thing where we're seeking donations for my family.  we're raised $95 which is not bad all considering.  but as the time has ticked by the punches have continued to roll in... 
---last week I found out I am pregnant with my fifth child.  a little reminder of Tropical Storm Debby as it were. 
---this morning I woke to my husband in a terrible amount of pain.  he's had an umbilical hernia for a long time.  he had it repaired about three years ago but it quickly came back in a different location and has continued to grow to the point we found ourselves this morning.  his intestines had pushed though and were strangulated.  in case you're not familiar with something like this, it can cause death.  last I heard he was being prepped for surgery.  I cannot be there because of the children and lack of anyone to watch them while I go.
---due to him having to have surgery we're going to lose even more work aka finances.  the type of work he does has no "light duty" so it will be a while before he'll be able to fully return to work as an ASE certified tech (aka mechanic but the kind with papers saying he KNOWS what he's doing).

honestly I hate begging.  I really do but I've never been in a place like this.  I've never sat on the edge of losing everything.  that my friends is exactly where I sit right now and trust me when I say it is a terrifying place to be.

if you feel like helping I would be so grateful.  even if you just click the link and share it on your social network sites.  anything is a help!  anything.  and thank you....

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