March 7, 2012

where's the volume control?

the sounds of right now...  how do I turn it down!?!

  • small plastic blocks spill across the building table.  some spatter across the foam tiled carpet under the table.
  • the playpen creaking as toddle settles down for his nap.
  • glow worm (need I say more?)
  • children barking (don't ask)
  • a chicken clucking and scratching outside (maybe that's the turkey)
  • the fan in my computer
  • the fan on the fridge
  • the fan on the ceiling (wow, that's a lot of air movement in this house!)
  •  my stomach growling (eating should be in order)
  • toddler humming to himself
  • general chatter from three talkers
  • socked feet sliding over foam tiles
  • MORE barking (they bark more than the dog o.O)
there is never silence.  never real quiet.  never true "ahhhhh, peace" moments.  but we're happy and we're never bored....

now, where's the remote so I can turn it down a notch?  I wanna hear some tunes!

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